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Why Drone Photography is Better (Especially in Colorado)

Professional drone services can do a lot for us. They can help with things like mining and land surveys, allow insight into previously inaccessible landscapes, and even assist with planning out large industrial projects. But as the drone industry grows, so too do the ways that we use them—and that’s exciting stuff for everyday consumers.

At Vital Films, we’ve put drones to work to provide dynamic shot services to consumers who want the best pictures and videos possible at their events, including weddings and other large celebrations. We’re FAA sUAS certified with over seven years of experience in professional drone photography, and over the years, we’ve learned a few things about why drone photography services are the ideal choice for events here in Colorado.

  1. You capture more in each shot. On-the-ground imagery doesn’t always capture the scale of events, especially things like large weddings and film openings. Our Denver drone services allow you to see the big picture, with shots that capture the full scale of the occasion.
  1. Embrace the landscape. Aspen, Snowmass, Denver, Boulder—wherever you are in the state, the beauty of Colorado is undeniable. With drones, the landscape becomes the co-star of your videos and still shots, shining as bright as possible through filming and aerial footage so that your final imagery does too.
  1. There’s something for everyone. Commercial drone services aren’t just for farmers or the military anymore. Today, everyone from wedding couples and special event coordinators to real estate agents and business owners are using drone photography to get better, more accurate shots where and when it counts.
  1. One of a kind results. Drones help us see the world in new and exciting ways. The result? Images and videos that are as original as they are breathtaking. Instead of cookie-cutter shots, you get truly imaginative photography and videography that’s impressive in its own right, in addition to perfectly encapsulating the look and feel of your event.

We’re more than just drone operators—we’re professional photographers and videographers who are using the most innovative techniques available to capture your most important moments. As an award-winning, full-service production company, we promise you won’t find a better team for Denver drone photography. We’re always pushing ourselves to do more, go bigger, and find new ways to offer you the best services possible, and we’re excited to share all that we’ve learned along the way.

Want to put drones to work for your next event? Contact us today for a consultation and to learn more about how drone service from Vital Films can take your event’s photography and videography to the next level. We look forward to working with you and capturing your occasion through stunning and unique aerial shots.