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BBC Cities: Nature’s New Wild

BBC – Cities: Nature’s New Wild

Vital Films is proud to produce the Bear segment in Aspen Colorado for BBC’s new natural history project “Cities: Nature’s New Wild”

While most of us imagine cities to be concrete jungles devoid of nature, for animals of all shapes and sizes they are just a new habitat, filled with new and surprising opportunity. With similar needs to humans, these wild animals face similar challenges, and, like us, if they play their cards right they can find everything they need to survive in the city.

Building on the final episode of Planet Earth II, this innovative series features a diverse cast of animals who are adjusting to this new world better than could have been predicted, not only applying their natural born skills and abilities to life in the city, but also making amazing physical or behavioural adaptations.

With an emphasis on beauty and the highest cinematographic standards this definitive series on urban wildlife behaviour follows animals at critical times of their lives, and showcases the urban world with the same epic scale, ambition and techniques used to film the natural world.

From humpback whales breaching in New York’s Hudson Bay to huge colonies of mega-bats in Adelaide; from African penguins nesting in Cape Town to Burmese Pythons living on the streets of Bangkok, experience our most-loved and familiar cities through fresh eyes – the eyes of the animals that live in them – and discover a wilder side to a world we think we know.