Specialized Bikes

Vital Films teamed up with Specialized Bikes to produce the latest campaign for the Epic Bike. It was such a unique opportunity to collaborate with a company who is already pushing out the best content in biking. The goal of this project was to showcase the commitment each athlete has to riding, and the lead up to that big moment.

The campaign was shot in both Colorado and California, using three different athletes to showcase the different elements of training.  It was also really exciting working with a large team on a multi platform campaign. Working along side Motofish Images to support the print campaign, with original music scored by Bryan Lee Brown and sound effects by www.grindinc.com.

Campaign Link : www.specialized.com/epic

Campaign Description :  It might have been 10 years ago, or maybe just yesterday, but it all started with just wanting to finish. Over time, the goals evolved to not getting dropped, then finishing with the front group, and now, feeling the podium under your feet. They evolved with a strengthening in commitment—a commitment to riding early, riding late, riding harder. It took you saying yes to entrance fees to races you couldn’t win. Yes to salads instead of donuts. Yes to suffering. Yes to failure. It took a commitment to waking up every day and saying, “This is going to be Epic.”

Photos By Colin Belisle