Discovery “Dogs”

Discovery Network International first major natural history commission, “Dogs, The Untold Story”, is currently in development for the Discovery Channel. Its Vital Films big privilege to team up with Plimsoll Productions to produce a segment for “Dogs, The Untold Story” in March.  Producing the Avalanche Dog segment for the upcoming series that will air on Discovery’s factual networks in more than 220 countries and territories.

The series is set to be a mixture of traditional documentary analysis and storytelling. “Dogs, The Untold Story” will follow the species’ natural history, looking at each breed and how they have developed a specific set of characteristics to aid them in living alongside human beings. The show focuses on dogs at different stages of domestication for a complete overview of their development, from wild and worker dogs, domesticated pets and those released back into the wild. The 5 x 60-minute show is produced by UK-based  Plimsoll Production with renowned natural history expert and filmmaker Dr. Martha Holmes at the helm.

Spending the week with director Rob Sullivan based in London. We had three days with Piper and Dan of the Snowmass Ski Patroll shooting all the footage needed for a 6 min segment. It was a fun filled week running through avalanche drills, and different shots. It surly is one of the neatest projects we have been a part of and can not wait to see the segment on TV late this year or early 2017!

Photos by Jeremy Swanson

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