Camp Flog Gnaw

November 8th we headed out to Los Angeles to shoot the official video for Camp Flog Gnaw! After working with Tyler the Creator in the past, we were so hyped when we got the call to shoot his 3rd annual “Carnival”. With artist like Pharrell Williams, Rick Ross, Mac Miller, Diplo, and more taking the stage.

We also were very hyped to finally work with our homies at Stept Studios. Since we had so much to cover in such a little time, it was a privilege to have them come out with the Red and shoot some incredible footage from the stage. We also busted out the aerials of course for this show.

Working with Drones in LA is very hard! We teamed up with the professional Octo Films. We did our research and made sure we could legally film at the venue. But even then, drones are still so far in their infancy that we ran into red tape and got shut down after just one drone shot.

But in film, I have learned you always need a plan b. And our plan b was a helicopter. Working with the very talented @CopterPilot, we took to the sky for some west coast aerial coverage.

In all, it was such a fun and big project to be apart of. Cant wait for next year already!


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