Vital Films presents “INSIGHT” with Aidan Sheahan. In association with Altitude Filmworks and Aspen/Snowmass. “Insight” shows a unique look into skiing and the power forged within the athletes mind. As action sports athletes must push themselves physically, they also must equally push themselves mentally.

“Insight” was shot in Aspen/Snomwass terrain parks, using remote controlled drones and a Cineflex Camera. Vital Films is also proud to produce & edit all films using renewable solar energy.

Action sports are a mental game. Every trick is generated in your mind as a vision of what you want to do next.

Aiden Sheahan

As most traditional ski films focus on the physical talents of the sport, “Insight” focuses on the mental side of the sport. As athletes must push themselves physically, they must equally push themselves mentally. “If one is not mindful and centered, then it can be destructive.” says Aidan Sheahan. “Mindfulness is just stepping back and becoming an observer of our thoughts and actions, it only makes sense to apply this to skiing and other actions sports.”

The film was shot in part with Altitude Filmworks using remote drones. Following Vital Films Cineflex production last year, “Days To Come” with Torin Yater-Wallace and Aidan Sheahan. Shooting with a drone was to help gain a look that can not be achieved with Helicopters and the Cineflex. “When you film action sports with a helicopter, you are limited by the backwash of the rotor blades, and can not get in close with out being very dangerous.” says Matt Hobbs. “We wanted to produce footage that not a lot of people have seen in any ski film. Using this new technology, we got to put the cameras in places we only dreamed about. And we feel the result is very unique, allowing the viewer to connect with the action better.”

“Our goal in making this project was to inspire young athletes into a more conscious way of thinking about the sport,” says Matt Hobbs, President, Vital Films. “Its about bridging the gap between physical talent, and the mindfulness you need to achieve those talents.”

Music by The Grouch “Lighthouses” from “The Tortoise And The Crow Project” –

Want to see more? See Torin Yater-Wallace & Aidan in “Days To Come” @

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